Ever since her childhood in China, Sai felt the draw of creativity and fine arts. In London, she sees the opportunity for her artistic vision to blossom.

Sai’s Chinese roots combine with her Londoner’s lifestyle to create clean, powerful designs that put craftsmanship at the service of the exacting needs of urban travellers.

With a relentless eye for detail, Sai sources materials of the highest quality, fashioning them into veritable works of art.

Fully aware that a bag carries a Londoner’s life, from keys to tablets and gym clothes, Sai seeks to create designs that express the dynamism and eclectic passions of the men and women who have made London their home.

Sai studied for her masters at Central Saint Martins in London seeking to enrich her concepts and ideas for arts, designs, innovation and entrepreneurship. Not only learned about bag making at CSM, she previously also studied Fashion Drawing at the London College of Fashion, Jewellery Design and Photography at Eastleigh College… all skills that combined to deliver the minimalist designs of Urban Travel bags, conveying simplicity and elegance.

“I want my bags to be understated and sophisticated, to leave room for your own personality to stand out.” says Sai with the passion that defines her.